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DOIT Change© Model

DOIT Change© assists individuals impacted by change in reshaping their mindsets through meaningful, ethical conversations.

What is DOIT Change©?

The model is key in promoting positive attitudes towards change, enhancing project execution, and achieving business goals, with a focus on personal well-being. It involves understanding change, self-awareness, ideating alternatives, decision-making, and taking transformative actions.​

Our approach incorporates concepts and tools from:


Systems Thinking



Level 5 Leadership

Where can DOIT Change© help?

Acertare©Change Management ethical approach ensures alignment with business goals while safeguarding employee well-being during organizational changes. It includes fostering positive attitudes towards change, successful project execution, and strategic alignment. This entails understanding change, self-awareness, generating alternatives, decision-making, and taking transformative actions.

Technology Implementations

Organizational Restructuring

Process Improvements

Cultural Transformations

New Product Launches

Compliance and Regulatory Changes

Strategic Initiatives

Cost Reduction Programs

Merger and Acquisitions

Customer Experience Improvements

Strategic Business Alliances

Any change that may impact people

Our Unique Approach: Ethical Change Management

Generating Meaningful Conversations

Supported by a change management framework that integrates Lean methodologies, Agile, Lean Change Management, Systemic Thinking, Design Thinking, and Coaching approaches.

Driving personal change

Facilitating an understanding of individual self-realisation needs and assisting them in discovering how those needs can be fulfilled in the new environment fosters collaboration and promotes the adoption of change.

Reshaping mindsets through powerful questions

No question = No change

“One cannot build experience without the activity of asking questions.” 

H.G. Gadamer.

Competency Development

We identify technical and soft training needs, prepare and schedule the required training.

Acertare DOIT Change© Model In Action



Why and what the change is for

“Ah I see I get it”

Observe yourself

What stance do I take

“What could I do to respond”

Ideate it

How can I contribute?

“I know what and how to colaborate”



What will I do and when?

“When I am going to do what”


Transforming Perspectives for Greater Responsibility and Effectiveness

In an ever-evolving world, the ability to adapt and grow is crucial. Our mission goes beyond mere change; it’s about transforming perspectives to foster greater responsibility and effectiveness in every facet of organizational life.

We believe that change is not just an organizational necessity but an opportunity to evolve, to reimagine the ways we work, interact, and impact our environment.

Our approach is rooted in ethical change management principles, focusing on respecting the dignity and freedom of individuals affected by change. We understand that true transformation occurs when people are engaged, and their perspectives are valued. It’s about creating a culture where every voice is heard, and every concern is addressed, paving the way for a collaborative and inclusive journey towards change.

We equip leaders and teams with the tools and mindsets necessary to navigate the complexities of change. Our methodologies are grounded in the latest research and practices in change management, ensuring that you’re not just keeping up with change but are at the forefront of it. By leveraging our unique DOIT model, we guide organizations through the process of Discovering the need for change, Observing and understanding its impact, Ideating creative solutions, and Transforming these ideas into effective actions.

Join us in this journey of transformation, where change is not just about achieving business goals but about nurturing an environment of continuous learning, growth, and responsibility. Let’s redefine what it means to change, making it a path to greater effectiveness and a more responsible, sustainable future.

Process guided by Acertare Hourglass Model

The Acertare Hourglass Change Model is a structured Change Management process, emphasizing cultural alignment.

A unified vision and strategy are essential, supported at all organizational levels.

Leaders actively drive and sponsor organizational change.
Middle managers are responsible for change implementation in their domains.
The project team focuses on effective coordination and integration.
Change agents advocate and disseminate change within their influence.

Persons: collaboratively creating positive change for the greater good of all.




Project Team

Change Agents

Change Manager



Assigning strategic value to the Project.

Change Agents

Providing assistance and support to managers and individuals.


Actively endorsing or championing the project.

Change Manager

Orchestrates, coordinates and coaches.


Assuming ownership of change and leading discussions with their teams during the change process.


They voice their concerns, receive information and training, and embrace the project as if it were their own.

Project Team

A high-performing project team.

Personal Change Drivers

Reaction-triggering needs (5P’s)

A single change can elicit varied responses from individuals, shaped by whether it is seen as an opportunity or a threat. When individuals understand the anticipated benefits and see how the new approach addresses their needs, their response is more likely to be positive.

Self Realisation needs



Psychological needs



Part of

Being Part of…

Basic Needs


To Control



Acertare© Change Canvas

The change process is directed by the Acertare® Change Canvas©, which includes a customized set of questions for each industry and project type.

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